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How to Be Totally Unhappy in a Peaceful World
A Complete Manual with Rules, Exercises, a Midterm and Final Exam

Translated into Chinese, Danish, Spanish and Thai.

UnHappy - English
Original Cover
Unhappy - Chinese
Unhappy - Danish


Unhappy - Spanish
Table of Contents
Containing the 30 Rules for Total Unhappiness

Rule 1:
Focus on What is Wrong in Your Life

Rule 2:
Keep the Waters of Your Life Muddy by Constant Activity

Rule 3:
Stay in a State of Pressure and Excitement

Rule 4:
Have as Little Rhythm in Your Life as Possible

Rule 5:
Always Compare Yourself with Others

Rule 6:
Consume as Much as Possible;
Produce as Little as Possible

Rule 7:
Get and Stay in Debt-the More the Better

Rule 8:
Desire More; Be Less Content with What You Have

Rule 9:
Keep Your Focus on the Ends, Not the Means

Rule 10:
Take as Much as Possible;
Give as Little as Possible

Rule 11:
Take Everything Personally.
Take Offense whenever Possible

Rule 12:
Assume that in Business Relationships
the People You are Dealing with Have
No Respect for You. So, as a Defensive
Measure, You Should Have No
Respect for Them

Rule 13:
Keep in Mind that Your Spouse,
"Significant Other" or the Lack of a
Spouse or "Significant Other" in Your Life
is Responsible for Your Unhappiness

Rule 14:
In Sex, Make All Sorts of Impossible
Demands on Yourself and Your Partner

Rule 15:
Have as Few Friends as Possible,
Preferably None

Rule 16:
Search for Something Outside Yourself
that Will Make Your Life Complete

Rule 17:
Never Do What You Enjoy Doing until
after You Do What You Should Do

Rule 18:
Take Everything in Life Seriously.
There are No Unimportant Matters

Rule 19:
Laugh as Little as Possible, Never
without a Good Reason

Rule 20:
Complain as Much as Possible
wherever and whenever Possible

Rule 21:
Stay in a State of Indecision about as Much in Your Life as Possible

Rule 22:

Rule 23:
Forgive No One in Your Life for Anything
They Did or Did Not Do to You.
The Most Important Person You
Should Not Forgive is Yourself

Rule 24:
Eat a High Fat Diet. Let Things Eat You

Rule 25:
Exercise as Little as Possible, and If You
Decide to Exercise, Pick Something that
You Distinctly Don't Like Doing

Rule 26:
Stay as Far Away from Nature as You Can

Rule 27:
Believe Absolutely that There Should
Be no Pain or Suffering of Any Kind
in Your Life

Rule 28:
Believe the World You See is the Only
World There is. Logic is Always
the Answer

Rule 29:
Always Remember How Lonely You Are
Feel How Separate You Are from Others

Rule 30:
Acknowledge that You Have No Choice
Whether to Be Happy or Unhappy. It All
Depends on the Circumstances in Your
Life and is Completely Outside of
Your Control


"From the "Acknowledgements" up front to the blurbs on the back jacket, there are unexpected fits of laughter awaiting you in this clever little book. It is an extended parody of self-help books, human nature, and our frenetic, outer-orientated consumer society... this wise, clever, and exceedingly funny book is a gem."
-- The Arcata Eye, Oct. 28, 1997

"It's fabulous. We had a great time, saw ourselves and others in the pages... I've read through bunches of self-help books. Of all of them, I think "Born to Win" and this book are the only two that will persist on my shelves."
-- Amazon review, July 24, 2011

As of December 2014, there are Eleven 5-star reviews on


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