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A Dictionary of Love

Over 650 quotations on love from the profane to the profound arranged
alphabetically into 211 subject categories by over 350 authors, philosophers and celebrities including Kahlil Gibran, Bertrand Russell, Erich Fromm, Mother Teresa and Zsa Zsa Gabor. This book has relatively large print and ample space between lines and categories, making for a pleasant reading experience no matter the length.

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Are you considering a thoughtful relatively inexpensive gift for someone on Valentine's Day, a wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, sweet sixteen party, bar mitzvah, a divorce or just a gift for yourself? If so please consider this book.

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Translated into Korean

Praise for A Dictionary of Love

"A Dictionary of Love is a veritable Valentine of a book. It's a tidy collection of bon mots on the subject of love."
    -- The Sunday Herald, Monterrey, CA

"A really fun book to read. There is either a good laugh or a real thought provoker (or even both) on each page."
    -- New England Bride

"Consider these 'pearls of wisdom' from A Dictionary of Love."
    -- Family Circle

"Who wrote the book of love? The Answer, historians will argue, might be pretty difficult to trace. But one thing is certainly true, whoever wrote the book of love could probably have used Gil Friedman's A Dictionary of Love, on the desk beside the tablets, papyrus sheets, sheepskin, or whatever the muses used in the misty land of romantic wisdom."
    -- Chico Enterprise Record, Chico, CA

"With its variety of quotes - from the acerbic to the spiritual to the sentimental - this collection is never dull, and it also offers many thoughts worth meditating on."
    -- Small Press Review

"Beautiful Work"
    -- John Robbins, author of Diet for a Small America

"...Very Beautiful book, we will refer to it often."
    -- Joyce and Barry Visell, authors of The Shared Heart

"What a joy to recieve your wonderful book. I am honored you included mine."
    -- Susan Jeffers, author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

"A great depository of quotes on love."
    -- Single Adult Ministry Information

"What sets Mr. Friedman's volume apart from earlier anthologies on the theme of loves is that he included many New Age sages and they add a touch of seriousness and timeliness. There is Rollo May, Meher Baba, Gerald G. Jampolsky, Bernie S. Siegal, to mention just a few."
    -- North Coast News

"Funny, rueful, practical, wise and compassionate, this collection is a recommended gift to anyone who is in or might be in a love relationship (like teenagers). One charming feature is the great range of attitudes displayed. Once can disagree totally with one, and on the same page find one that rings true and provides an insight. Lots of fun, and more educational than many a tome."
    -- New Age Retailer

"This rich reference book is a must for all of us who want to express and understand love. Helpful, funny, bittersweet comments and insights...In all, about 300 lovers from various times and places unite to guide the reader on an odyssey invaluable to those who write lyrics, poetry, or an occasional love letter. It would make a suitable gift to mark either the end or the beginning of a love affair."
    -- Body, Mind Spirit

"Witty, profound and sometimes just plain fun this book is a delightful addition to the growing ranks of subject specific quotation books. It will be welcome by anyone - reader, writer, or librarian - who has ever searched in vain for just the right quote on the subject of love."
    -- American Reference book Annual, Vol. 22, Libraries Unlimited, Inc.

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