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Gurdjieff, A Beginner's Guide:
How Changing the Way We React to Misplacing Our Keys Can Transform Our Lives
Updated edition in July 2011

German Edition

As of January 2015, there are 48 reviews on, 34 of which are 5-star reviews, and six of which are 4 star reviews.


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Are you ready for self-transformation?

Many spiritual teachers promise transformation, but Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff delivers. Gurdjieff (1872-1949) was born in Alexandropol on the border of Russia and Turkey. A spiritual seeker in his youth, he spent twenty years traveling in Asia and the Middle East while developing his revolutionary system of personal transformation.

Gurdjieff then settled in Moscow and started forming groups in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Gurdjieff's teachings contain many concepts and taken together that are referred to as "the Work." The idea behind the Work is that our first birth is our physical body, which is all we need to get through life. But we are capable of developing into something higher, just as an acorn can stay an acorn and die or develop into an Oak Tree, we can develop into something more. Whereas other methods of transformation often require the student to go to a monastery, sanctuary, retreat, or set aside a portion of time each day to separate from ordinary life, the Work uses our ordinary life experiences, such as misplacing our keys, as the material we work with for our development. These ordinary experiences are not some interruption to our lives, but exactly the material we need to handle at the moment. This Work can only be done by intentional efforts. The Work emphasizes that many of us are in negative states without realizing it, and if there is any mantra in the Work it might be that, "We have the right not to be negative." The end result of our development is that we reach a higher level, so we react differently to the events that transpire in our lives, more consciously and less mechanically.

Often challenging and even esoteric, Gurdjieff offers a radically original version of human life and our potential for self-development. This book is a beginning guide to the teachings of Gurdjieff. Practical and eminently readable, it leads the reader through the main concepts necessary for self-transformation.

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