Gil Friedman

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When the Apartment is Ready, the Tenant Will Appear

When the Apartment is Ready, the Tenant Will Appear chronicles Gil Friedman's experiences investing in real estate, writing and publishing books, in doing over 13,000 notarizations as a notary public, and in being an attorney -- all within the framework of him being a hippy, with no office and not owning a single tie. His story includes teaching law in England at Warwick University, living four months in Poona, India, at the Bhagwan Shree Rejneesh's Ashram, Ken Keyes retreats, macrobiotic camps, as well as various travels in Western Europe. He even takes the reader on a journey through his digestive tract, discussing his struggle with stomach illness. Friedman makes no apologies expressing his liberal views on politics and social and economic issues.

Available December 1st, 2015, for $6.99

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